Tennis Changeover Picture

Tennis Tactics: Learn to Read and Anticipate Your Opponent

A small change of tactics can make a huge difference in the results of a tennis match. Sometimes the answers to winning the match are right in front of you, but you just need to stop and think. Use the changeover to ask yourself a few quick questions and think about how you can respond when you […]

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GU Energy Gel Picture

Tennis Performance: Quick Energy Boost Tip

OK, I was out on the tennis court in the hot sun preparing to play a third round match in a local tournament. Right away during the warmup, I was feeling a bit of fatigue due to my last match. As we were about to start, I reached into my tennis bag for something special […]

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Jeff Hitting Two Hand Backhand

Want A Two Handed Backhand Like Novak Djokovic?

Jeff’s Free Two Handed Backhand Training Videos Former ATP Top 100 Singles and Doubles tennis player and world-class tennis coach, Jeff Salzenstein, has just released a FREE Four Part video tennis training series that will reveal tips on how to strengthen your two handed backhand into the weapon you’ve always wanted. Don’t miss out on […]

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Jeff Salzenstein Tennis Kick Serve Drill

Tennis Drills – Tennis Kick Serve Drill

Found this great tennis drill from Jeff Salzenstein. I got a lot out of this video, and it helped my serve to do this drill after just one time on the tennis court. How This Video Helped Me Notice that he says to allow your elbow to bend after contact because keeping your arm straight […]

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Tennis Doubles Jeff Salzenstein and Bryan Brothers

Tennis Doubles – Winning Communication Tips

How To Communicate With Your Doubles Tennis Partner As you can see, Jeff Salzenstein hangs out with people like the World Number #1 Doubles Team, Mike and Bob Bryan, so Jeff has picked up some valuable tennis tips over the years. In this tennis training video below, Jeff shares some awesome doubles communications tips. These […]

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How to Serve in Tennis Tennis Tips Daily

Tennis Serve – Crush Serves up to 135 mph

How to Serve in Tennis Like the Pros on TV! You Do Not Need to Wait Any Longer to Start Crushing Serves and Ripping Forehands! Here’s A Quick Way To Add More Power to Your Game Today! Just Let Me Know Where to Send the FREE Training Videos. How to Serve a Tennis Ball – […]

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Bryan Brothers Both Back

Tennis Training Myths – Always Rush the Net in Doubles

Tennis players that do not know how to volley well due to their limited tennis training tend to Serve and Volley or Rush the Net too much in Doubles. If you are not making any of your volleys at the net it would be much better to stay in the back court instead of constantly […]

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Tennis Training Forehand Backswing

Tennis Training Myths – Take Your Racket Back Early

There is a lot of tennis training on the internet now days, so there are more tennis training myths running around than ever before. Even though some of these tennis myths withstand the test of time, they are just wrong. For example, you have probably been told “Take Your Racket Back Early”. Well, this is […]

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Brian Baker at Roland Garros 2012

Tennis Injuries – Brian Baker Comeback Inspirational at Wimbledon 2012

There is no question that the Brian Baker Comeback at Wimbledon 2012 is inspirational to tennis players around the world training to play tennis at the parks as well as the ATP Tour. Brian has overcome various tennis injuries, and he has made a huge comeback. The Brian Baker story is a good one, and […]

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Juan Del Potro Defensive Lob

Tennis Drills – Why and How to Practice Lobs

The lob is one of the tennis shots that we take for granted even though it gets us out of trouble and strikes fear into our opponents when they are at the net. When was the last time that you went out on the court and practiced different types of lobs? Most players spend time […]

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Marat Safin Post Low Volley

Tennis Tactics – Tennis Passing Shot

Let’s start with the definition of a tennis passing shot: A shot in tennis that passes an opponent who has approached the net. Dreaming of Spectacular Tennis Passing Shots What comes to my mind when I think of a passing shot? One player hits a hard deep ball or huge serve and runs to the […]

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