Tennis Doubles – Winning Communication Tips

How To Communicate With Your Doubles Tennis Partner

Tennis Doubles - Jeff Salzenstein and Bryan Brothers

Tennis Doubles Jeff Salzenstein and Bryan Brothers

As you can see, Jeff Salzenstein hangs out with people like the World Number #1 Doubles Team, Mike and Bob Bryan, so Jeff has picked up some valuable tennis tips over the years. In this tennis training video below, Jeff shares some awesome doubles communications tips. These are great doubles Tips for effectively communicating with your partner that can help you win more tennis matches and have more fun on the tennis court.


 Jeff’s Outline for Successful Doubles Partners

Notice how Jeff outlines a tennis strategy for doubles partners by putting emphasis on intending to stay positive before you even start, asking your partner questions allowing them to open up to you, and being aware of your own words (Verbal and Non-Verbal) on the tennis court. I am sure that Jeff’s doubles tips will help you have more Fun and win more tennis doubles matches at the same time.

How to Play as a Tennis Team in Doubles

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